See how to watch your recently watched videos on Instagram without data.

We all know that Instagram is a top leading social network world wide. We all love the amazing features of Instagram like uploading videos and pictures, Instagram does not provide the feature to be able to download videos directly from Instagram and people have been downloading third party apps just to achieve their aim.But today, am going to show you how to see and watch your recently watched videos on Instagram.Do you know that when you watch a video on Instagram, the video automatically save to your phone memorybut people do ignore it but I will show you where the videos are on your phone memory.In this tutorial, you don’t need to download the video using third party apps, just watch and it will automatically be saved to your phone memory, follow the steps below.HOW TO SEE YOUR WATCHED VIDEO ON INSTAGRAM ON YOUR PHONE MEMORY.1. I will recommend ES file Explorer forthis, but if you can use your normal file manager. 2. Lunch the file manager, Go tointernal memory==>Android==>Data==>look>Cache==>Videos.3. Now you will see files likea13bdk23.clean, if they are many that means you are a constant user of Instagram ?. 4. Normally, the files can’t open, so to convert those files to your watched videos, you will need to rename the file. For example, the first fileabcf13sf.clean, you will need to rename it toabcf13sf.mp4, to rename hold the file till it’s brings some options below the screen.5. After that, you can now watch the video again, rename every file and you will see all your Instagram videos.So you can see how simple it is, you don’t need to watch and download, that’s waste of MB. Just watch and it will be saved.Finding it difficult? Ask questions.

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